2300-year-old Zhou Dynasty Sword in China

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Chinese archaeologists unearthed a sword over 2300 years older than the Zhou Dynasty, in an ancient tomb in Xinyang, China’s Henan Province.
This sword is thought to belong to the time of the Warring States, a period of 250 years between 475 BC and 221 BC, and many wars took place between the eight states of the Zhou Dynasty.

Old historical records regarding the casting of goods show that there are different proportions of three metals, lead, tin and copper, in use for making alloy alloys.
The surprising fact is that this gun looks sharp and still shines when an archaeologist pulls it out of its very old holster.

This alloy is used to make swords and other weapons of varying temper and hardness.
There were frequent and brutal wars in these eight states; Some kings were fighting to survive or preserve power, and some wanted more power and territory.

The Qin rulers generally wanted to conquer the others and eventually did it in 221 BC.
Qin rulers conquered all other states and some surrounding areas.
However, the dynastic rule from 221-206 BC was the shortest in the history of the region. Their empire fell apart only 15 years later.
According to Chinese mythology, the lineage of the Zhou Dynasty began when Jiang Yuan, a friend of the legendary Emperor Ku, miraculously designed the Qi “Abandoned One” boy after he stepped into Shangdi’s divine footprint.

Qi was a culture hero who survived after three abandonments by her mother and greatly improved Xia farming, her own king of Xia, and after her subsequent death, Houji said, “The Lord of the Nation had the right to surname Tai and Ji. “Tang from Shang.
He even took the victim as the god of harvest.The term hòujì was probably a hereditary title attached to a soy.

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